Whats with the downtime?

So as some of you may have noticed, codefridge.com was down for about a week and a half. Let me first say, my bad.

We changed hosting companies (This is basically where the website is served from) and I had many many problems.
Firstly there were communication problems between the 2 DNS registars (These are the people that translate http://codefridge.com/ into a computer readable address).
Secondly nobody could give us a date of when it would be transferred, we were told end of the month and planned accordingly
and then…..
“They” which I’m collectively using here, changed EVERYTHING in the middle of the month. *sigh*

Anyway wordpress problems aside, were up again.

We’ll also be bringing you guys some new stuff real soon, I think you’ll like it.

4 thoughts on “Whats with the downtime?

    • Well I changed hosting companies and they had different DNS people. So they had to transfer the whole thing across. Dunno if it was manual or what, but it took the better part of a month, which totally sucked.

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