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Spooky Unity GameWelcome to the first game that I’ve made in Unity. This is the first Unity project that I have done without using a tutorial. I’ve put together everything myself, the level, texture placement and even the sound. I’ve spent quite a bit of time refining everything to a point that I like. I’ve even modified some of the scripts that come with Unity, so that they serve my purpose better.

This is also my first game that has sound. I mixed some sounds together using Audacity, even changing the wavelength and tone of the individual sounds and then mixing them together. Something I’m very proud of.

Although this “game” is not technically a game. It has no goal, no objective. This is more an interactive demonstration. But it’s a starting point for me. I’ve gotten used to using Unity now, so I don’t feel like a complete newbie.

The game is supposed to be creepy, like a horror game. Give the game a go and tell me what you think by leaving a comment. Do you find it creepy? What do you think of the sounds?

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UPDATE: I’ve removed the sparkles from the forest fire, missed that in the build. Also fixed the sound issue with the blizzard noise. There used to be 3 audio sources to cover the whole area, now I only have 1 that just follows the players x position. So it should sound better.

8 thoughts on “Unity 3D My First Game

  1. Really cool, the sparks on top of the fire take away from the eeriness though. Also maybe see what you can do about sound sources, seems a bit irregular in some places.

    • I’ve fixed the “Sparkles”. Development was going in a different direction at the time and I completely forgot about the sparkles.

      Also I assume you mean the noise of the blizzard? I’ve fixed that as well, I also wrote an update explaining what the problem was. Thanks for pointing this out.

  2. The sounds a really good. I’m impressed :-). Maybe consider looking at methods of playing the track to keep it from sounding like it is in a loop. That would really drive the effect home.

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