Pictures of Raspberry Pi (High Res)

I’ve taken some high resolution photos of my Raspberry Pi. I love the rawness of it. Go forth and stare at the photos, you know you want to.

I’ve taken some pictures of the Raspberry Pi at different angles. So you can see all of it. These are just the thumbnails, so click on individual pictures if you want to see the actual size. Well I did have to shrink the photos by 50% as they were just too big, but they should be big enough. If you really want the full size version, then just go to the Contact Us page and I’ll email you the full size images.

4 thoughts on “Pictures of Raspberry Pi (High Res)

    • I’ve done a few things. Setup ssh and remote desktop access. Compiled and played Quake 3 Arena. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to post the articles. But stay tuned, I’m gonna have some How-To guides and what not soon. You should get one, it’s a great way to stuff around with Linux, plus it’s dirt cheap.

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