Now Accepting Bitcoin

So I’ve been dabbling in Bitcoin for almost a year now. Back when I started few people around me knew about it. I suppose with the limited tech-savvy of most South African’s, most people just didn’t know about it at all. There were a few rumors here and there about “a currency that you could make using your computer”. People threw this to the wayside as there is no such thing as a free lunch. I suppose though its all about who you hear about Bitcoin from. Most people referred to it as a currency that you can make, which is not technically wrong.

Reading the older slightly less fancy Bitcoin website I realized that Bitcoin is actually an amazing idea. A currency that is not under the control of any government. A currency that is for the people, by the people. A currency that does not rely on bankers making good investments, with your money. I use the word “currency” almost tongue in cheek here, as many people in the Bitcoin community (or any crypto currency) don’t think it is a currency. I’m using the word currency, as to me a currency is something that can be used to buy something else. I have a vague definition for currency, yes I know.

I’ve decided after much debating with myself that I should accept Bitcoin donations on Codefridge. I havent ever run ads, cause I’m not a big fan of a big banner asking you to catch a fish or something. At one point I was going to have a PayPal link on Codefridge. Problem with PayPal is it is just not accessible and freely available to most people. I think that most South Africans would recognize Bitcoin over PayPal, thanks to a plug on a major radio station when the price hit 1000 USD.

So there you have it, on the right of the page you have a Donate link where you can send me Bitcoins. I’m not asking for any, it’s just there for when you feel generous. Anyway thanks for reading and look forward to some more action on the site soon.

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