My First Flash Game

Hey everyone. Here is my very first flash game, its not exactly Crysis 2. But it is mine.

Updated – 14th March 2011 at around 7:30pm Changelog just under the game. Tell me if you like the update.

Alright so this is my first ever proper flash game. Its a little crude, as there is no menu system or levels…..or different enemies. But it is mine.

I have decided to just release this to beta testing because I would like to start on another game I’m working on, which you will also be first to play.

If you have any comments and such, go to the bottom of the page and hit it with your thoughts. Also tell me what you thought of it or any changes you’d like.

You might have to click on the flash game first or else it wont register the keyboard.

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Use the left and right arrows to move and to fire. There is no point and the score just keeps going up.


  • The background now goes up instead of to the side, this was because the enemies looked like they were dragging the background.
  • The enemies now come down towards the player.
  • Finally the game can be lost, so no more just pointlessly shooting at enemies….Well you know what I mean.

12 thoughts on “My First Flash Game

  1. I love the scrolling background, that was an awesome touch. I see the Aliens don’t move down, I know you cut this project lose, but just think of how to do this, its not very difficult. Also I suggest as a good exercise (getting your mind around how to do stuff in code), try to get the aliens to move all the way to the edges, ie. when a column of aliens die, the rest of the armada should still move to the far edges not just where they are as if their dead comrades are still there.

  2. Will says it looks like the aliens are busy shifting the background 🙂 Thats why they’re not shooting.

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