I Built My Own Raspberry Pi Case

Since the day I heard about the Raspberry Pi, I’ve wanted to build my own case for it. It’s such a small and hackable device that I think it just begs you to build it a case. Plus it’s just cool to build your own case.

I was lucky enough to get a small box from work that would be perfect for the Raspberry Pi.

I used a drill to make many of the holes. I used a metal file to smooth all the slots so that it would look neater. If you plan to make your own case, I’ll give you some advice. Measure then measure again, then place the Raspberry Pi in the box and measure it again.


You might be thinking that the box could use a ventilation hole, maybe a nice Raspberry Pi logo cut in the top. I don’t want any holes as I like the look of this box. Plus also I think I’d make a hash of the logo anyway.

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