What exactly is this Raspberry Pi thing?

What is a Raspberry Pi?

This was a question I had to ask a friend of mine after I ordered on, without even knowing what it was. In simple terms it’s a computer a tiny computer, about the size of a pack of cards. The Raspberry Pi contains everything that a normal computer contains; it has a CPU, GPU, RAM and HDMI out. It has USB ports to plug a keyboard and mouse into. It has an HDMI port for display, even a RCA video out if you do not have a monitor capable of HDMI input. Sound comes courtesy of either a 3.5mm jack or sound over HDMI.

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Raspberry Pi Delivered

So I finally took delivery of my Raspberry Pi about 3 weeks ago. But have just been too busy to post about all the amazing stuff I’ve been doing with it. More posts on that too, coming soon.

Go on over to their website if you have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s really awesome.

The Delivery box

This is the box the Pi gets delivered in

Also here is another picture once I took it out the box.

This is the Pi out of the box

Raspberry Pi out the box

I’ll be posting a whole bunch of pictures and a few How-To guides from a complete noob to Linux perspective. Which is exactly what I was. Until I got the Raspberry Pi that is.

Stay Classy.