Raspberry Pi Delivered

So I finally took delivery of my Raspberry Pi about 3 weeks ago. But have just been too busy to post about all the amazing stuff I’ve been doing with it. More posts on that too, coming soon.

Go on over to their website if you have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s really awesome.

The Delivery box

This is the box the Pi gets delivered in

Also here is another picture once I took it out the box.

This is the Pi out of the box

Raspberry Pi out the box

I’ll be posting a whole bunch of pictures and a few How-To guides from a complete noob to Linux perspective. Which is exactly what I was. Until I got the Raspberry Pi that is.

Stay Classy.

Reading a text file in ActionScript 3

A problem I and many other Flash developers seem to run into is reading information from a text file. Or more specifically, reading co-ordinates for Sprites, from a text file. It seems that there are many examples of reading a file in ActionScript 3, but not many for reading co-ordinates for sprites, from a text file.

I recently made a level editor that exported sprites that I placed, into a text file. After searching through many posts and forums I found that most people used XML to store this kind of data. But seeing as my text file was quite simple, I really didnt want to use XML and decided that a normal text file was perfect. All the text file has in it is 2 values seperated by a comma. Each value represents the x and the y value for the sprite.
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A Simple Platform Flash Game

So after the last Flash Game, I thought that I really needed to ramp it up. The old Space Invaders clone, was just too simple. It did’nt show anything interesting off. But it was just a little something to get me going.

Actual game in the post. Click just below to go there. Oh remember to finish and see what you rank against everyone else. Also comment 🙂
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This Ominous Quietness

Its been very quite here on Codefridge of late, well quiet…ish. I have secretly been running a closed Beta Testing of a platforming game I’ve been making in Flash.

I’ve thought lately that I’ll be publicly releasing the game. Updating it and fixing bugs people bring up. Also I’ve decided to write more “blog” like articles. I’m not quite sure if these articles will be personal, cause its not called “VinceFridge”. So it’ll probably be articles regarding stuff that I’m interested in, yes geeky things.

As some of you have noticed, you can now share links. I’m using the SexyBookmarks plug-in, just cause its awesome. So at the bottom of all posts you can share. Cause Sharing is Caring.

I’m also abandoning straight up ActionScript 3 coding for games and am now moving over to Flixel. For those of you who have no idea what Flixel is, its basically just a nice Flash Game making framework. It gets rid of some of the redundant coding that’s involved when making games. These redundant things include, saving game progress, keeping track of objects, physics (aka collision detection). There are many more, but it basically boils down to me having more time to focus, on making a good game. As opposed to making a good physics engine, which took me 2 weeks and it still has bugs.

I will soon have a page where you can sign up to become a beta tester for my flash games. As my previous beta testing program failed.

As always my inbox is open and you can use the Contact link to send me a mail. About anything really.