Codefridge is now one man, on a mission.

Hello to those of you who magically found this “About” page.

Who is Codefridge?

My name is Vincent Pestana and I pretty much have been in game development for just over 5 years now. I have made games in Blender, Delphi, Java SE, Java ME, C# and Flash (See older posts on the site) and now in Unity. I make games in my spare time, but I have always lost interest in the game as, well put it this way. If you were building a car but you knew that no one would ever see that car or be able to drive it, would you carry on building it? So now there is Codefridge which is my motivation to get games out there, show them to other people, get user feedback, change things, etc.

So please send me a mail at 30 Tarr….Oh wait I mean from the Contact Us page . You can also comment on anything you see on Codefridge, the comment section is at the bottom of each post.