Litebonk Stats Checker

Recently I’ve gotten into mining Litecoins, as most pool websites, Litebonk have API access to your account to view your account stats.

I’ve decided to write a php script that just parsers the JSON information into a more easy on the eyes format. Also the page refreshes automatically and sets the page title to the current hashrate, which I wanted so that I could leave the page open in a tab and be shown what the hashrate is without having to actually go to that tab.

It’s simple, not that good looking, but it gets the job done. I’ll be making improvements on it, if anyone is even half interested.

You can either copy the whole API key from Account Details, or enter the URL and API_key separately. Reason is I’d like someone who has a account on a sister pool, to give this a test as well. I dont want to open up accounts on all the other sister pools, to just not use them.

Pretty simple stuff, if you have issues. Please leave a comment or email me on the contact us page.

Go check it out here

Unity 3D My First Game

Spooky Unity GameWelcome to the first game that I’ve made in Unity. This is the first Unity project that I have done without using a tutorial. I’ve put together everything myself, the level, texture placement and even the sound. I’ve spent quite a bit of time refining everything to a point that I like. I’ve even modified some of the scripts that come with Unity, so that they serve my purpose better.

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What exactly is this Raspberry Pi thing?

What is a Raspberry Pi?

This was a question I had to ask a friend of mine after I ordered on, without even knowing what it was. In simple terms it’s a computer a tiny computer, about the size of a pack of cards. The Raspberry Pi contains everything that a normal computer contains; it has a CPU, GPU, RAM and HDMI out. It has USB ports to plug a keyboard and mouse into. It has an HDMI port for display, even a RCA video out if you do not have a monitor capable of HDMI input. Sound comes courtesy of either a 3.5mm jack or sound over HDMI.

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We’re Back.

After 4 days of down time, we’re back up.

As I explained in the last post. Codefridge is being moved to a more serious hosting provider. We’d been having endless issues with the last hosting company, but alas lets not point fingers.

So Codefridge is now hosted by Gridhost, which I just must recommend. They are really really good and really well priced. Their online web chat is awesome and they helped me figure some stuff out, way before I was even their customer, which is something other companies can learn from. Also like the way that they explain everything. Oh and also the have the coolest Bored Room ever.

The other company I must mention is Codefridge’s new domain registrar, Namecheap. These are the people who convert  into an address that computers can understand. It’s amazing how many tutorials they have on their site, explaining things to complete noobs (me). Thanks to their tutorials I actually knew what to do, as I’ve never had a separate hosting company and domain registrar. Also have I mentioned just how cheap they are? They have also been voted twice in a row, the Best Domain Name Registrar. So you know their good.

Anyway so now that I can finally make posts with the word “substring” in them, no joke. Expect more stuff. I’ve already got 3 posts just waiting for some final touch ups.

Stay Classy.

Codefridge is moving servers

Hey everyone. We’re currently in the process of changing where Codefridge is hosted and changing our DNS provider. We’re having issues with the current hosting company and have decided it’s best to move now.

The current hosting company are also one of the reason’s nothing has been posted regarding the Raspberry Pi. Every time I try to save a post an internal server error happens. It also takes quite a bit of time for their support department to come back to me, even though my whole site it down. Anyway lets move on.

You might notice a blank page in the next few weeks, or hopefully I’ll get a little landing page together, with some cake and jelly beans.

I have no idea what your on about

Right. Simply. You might encounter a blank page when navigating to Although this will only be temporary and will be fixed as soon as humanly possible.